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Leave your plumbing needs to our specialists! Whether you need to install a new water heater, fix a leaking pipe, replace your sink or faucet, or upgrade your gas line, you can count on The Water Heater Guys to deliver the quality solutions you need.

We offer more than just water heater services. Our experienced team provides a full range of plumbing services and solutions for both residential and commercial customers throughout the Allen, TX area.

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Water heater guys Frisco Plumbers
Water heater guys Frisco Plumbers

Allen Water Heater Installation and Repair Specialists

Common water heater problems involve discolored hot water, foul odors coming from your hot water, and inconsistent water temperatures. If you are struggling with an unexpected water heater issue, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts for immediate service. We will take the time to troubleshoot your water heater, explain what’s causing the problem, and present you with the best solutions.

In most cases, we can easily fix the problem by replacing a worn out component or flushing your water heater tank. However, if the tank is rusted and leaking, a full system replacement is recommended to prevent a more serious plumbing emergency; rusted tanks can burst when you least expect it and flood your property.

If you are prepared to move forward with water heater replacement, we will go over the product options that best meet your needs and budget. We can help you install everything from standard residential water heater heaters to high-efficiency commercial equipment.

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Our goal is to help you resolve your plumbing issues efficiently so you can finally enjoy the peace of mind you deserve. With full-service plumbing solutions and experts who work in your best interest, The Water Heater Guys is the company to call when you’re looking for reliable plumbing professionals who can provide you with honest advice and cost-effective solutions.

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Water Filtration and Treatment Services

Untreated water isn’t just an inconvenience—it can also create problems in your plumbing system. Scale from hard water, in particular, can clog up your water supply lines and cause your water heater to work less efficiently.

Let us help you eliminate your water quality problems for good! We can provide you with reverse osmosis systems, UV water disinfectants, water conditioners, and other filtration and treatment systems to help you get rid of contaminants in your water supply.

Water heater guys Frisco Plumbers
Plumber Faucet Repair | Water Heater Guys Frisco Plumbers

Plumbing Fixture Repairs and Replacements

You rely on your plumbing fixtures for everyday convenience and comfort. A leaking faucet or toilet can quickly disrupt your routine and will require immediate repair to help you avoid further spikes to your water bill. Our Allen plumbers can help you repair or replace faucets, sinks, toilets, and showerheads—give us a call today to book an immediate appointment with our experts.

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