Water Heater Installation & Repair in Frisco, TX

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Signs It’s Time to Call Your Frisco Water Heater Specialists

Common water heater problems include water temperature discrepancies, foul smells in the water, or discolored hot water.

Inconsistent water temperatures: If your water heater has a faulty dip tube or heating element, you may notice inconsistencies with the water temperature, or you may not get any hot water at all.

Popping sounds coming from your water heater: This likely means there is sediment in the tank. Although the popping sound itself won’t harm your system, the sediment in your tank can eventually cause problems down the road. Excess sediment in your system can cause overheating and result in a tank leak; sediment can also build up around the heating element and result in the heating element burning out. The most effective way to get rid of sediment in your system is to flush the water heater tank.

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Water discoloration or foul smells: If you notice foul smells coming from your hot water supply, or if your hot water comes out with an unusual tint, there is likely bacteria, rust, or sediment in the tank that will need to be flushed out.

No matter the cause of your water heater issue, our team is prepared to help you identify the source of the problem and provide you with the most accurate solution so you can start enjoying the hot water you need as soon as possible.

Don’t let your water heater end up with leaks or other unexpected problems! Contact our experts for immediate help. We’re your local Frisco water heater specialists committed to helping you enjoy the hot water you need without interruptions.

The Water Heater Guys are prepared to help with all of your hot water needs. Whether you have a leaking water heater, or you’re thinking of installing a tankless system and want a professional opinion, you can count on our team to provide you with cost-effective solutions and unparalleled customer service.

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Work With Frisco’s Preferred Water Heater Experts

The Water Heater Guys have all of your hot water needs covered. We continue to keep up with the latest in water heating technology to better serve you and provide you with the products and accessories you need to achieve long-terme peace of mind.

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Water Heater Replacement Done Right in Frisco

The typical water heater can provide you with 10 to 15 years of hassle-free service. But if your system is well beyond two decades old, you may want to consider having it replaced—particularly if you are starting to notice rust on the tank.

Rusted water heater tanks can rupture and flood your property without warning. Don’t wake up to a burst water heater tank in the middle of the night! It’s best to have older, rusted water heaters replaced before an emergency occurs.

Contact The Water Heater Guys for safe and efficient installations and replacements. We will determine the appropriate water heater size for your property and make sure it’s able to handle your particular demands, so you can enjoy the hot water you need without disruption

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