Yard Leak Repair in Frisco, TX

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Determining the Source of Your Yard Leak

Main water line

Look for your home’s main water shutoff valve. This is often found in the utility area of your home or near your outdoor faucet. Once you’ve found the shutoff valve, turn it off to cut off your home’s water supply. Next, go to your water meter to check if it’s still running; if the meter continues to run, there is likely a leak in your main water line.

Sewer line

If there is a leak in the sewer line, it is most likely caused by intrusive tree roots that have started to grow in your pipeline.

A simple way to find out if the leak in your yard can be traced to your sewer line is to flush a small amount of food coloring down the toilet; wait about 30 to 60 minutes, then go to the affected section of your yard to see if food coloring appears in the leak.

Irrigation system

To check for leaks in the sprinkler system, you will first need to find the sprinkler system box (this will often have a green lid). Inside is the ball valve that will cut off the water supply to your sprinkler. After shutting off the valve, check the water meter reading for any leaks.

Our experts at The Water Heater Guys can help you carry out accurate leak detection to confirm the source of your yard leak and present you with the best solutions.

Contact Our Frisco Yard Leak Detection and Repair Experts Today

No matter where the leak is coming from, it should never be ignored. Even if the leak seems minor, it can still waste several gallons of water a day and end up costing you a significant amount when your water bill arrives.

Reach out to our Frisco plumbing professionals for immediate leak detection and repair services. We will pinpoint the affected area and go over your options for repair. Expect honest and accurate solutions, as well as upfront estimates to help you make the right choice for your home.

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Do you notice soggy or wet areas in your yard? This often points to a leak somewhere on your property. What you’ll need to do next is find out whether the leak is being caused by your main water line, sewer line, or your sprinkler.

We understand that outside water leaks are frustrating, leading to major spikes in your water bill. Don’t let a yard leak continue to affect your home. Contact The Water Heater Guys for immediate solutions. We offer fast and efficient repairs for leaking water lines, sewer lines, and irrigation systems in homes throughout the Frisco area.

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